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Genuine Mercedes-Benz E350 Rear-Seat Entertainment System

1 Rear-Seat Entertainment System found

  • Mercedes-Benz E350 Rear-Seat Entertainment System - 6-7-82-7055


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    • With the mercedes-benz rear-seat entertainment system- you can bring along your favorite dvds and your back seat becomes your own personal movie theater. Your passengers are entertained and because dvd audio plays over wireless headsets (2 included in the rses kit)- the driver can concentrate on driving with fewer distractions. Comes with a remote to ease the use of your rear-seat entertainment system. Features two 7in screens located on the back of either headrest. The dvd-slot is integrated in the monitor itself to ease the use. Additionally a sd-memory card is integrated in the player in addition to the availability to connect usb-drives and other external devices to the player. Mp3- divx- mpeg 4 and jpeg files are supported to view movies or image presentation on your rear-seat entertainment system. Additional feature includes the option to sync both screens in order to have only one dvd in either player. Both players can now watch the same discs or separate movies if chosen.