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About Mercedes-Benz 300D

Being a member of the Mercedes-Benz 300-Class, which is the predecessor to the E-Class and sometimes called as E-Class, Mercedes-Benz 300D was produced by the Daimler-Benz from 1984 to 1993 for the North American market as a mid-size luxury/executive car. Originally introduced as the Mercedes-Benz internal chassis-designation version of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, 300D was available for only seven model years in North America before being discontinued and the whole 300-Class was replaced by the Mercedes-Benz W210 for sedan and estate and Mercedes-Benz W208 for coupe and convertible.
Mercedes-Benz 300D made its debut for the 1984 model year in the North American market. It was offered in only one body style, 4-door sedan (W124) and came in only one trim level. But for the 1992 and 1993 model years, the North American version 300D was also available for the Sportline package, which included sport seating, wider wheels with wider profile tires, quick ratio steering, a smaller diameter steering wheel, "Sportline" badges on the front wing moldings and gear knob, a slightly lowered ride height and s specially tuned suspension including shorter, stiffer springs, struts, anti-roll bars and bushings. Built based on the mid-sized platform, 300D had front suspension using a separate spring and damper with a rubber top mount, rear suspension featuring the Mercedes-Benz multi-link axle. During its lifetime, 300D was powered by either 3.0 L I5, I6 diesel engines or 2.5 L I5 diesel engine. And engines sent power through 4-speed, 5-speed automatic or manual transmissions to the rear wheels or four wheels.

Mercedes-Benz 300D Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

No matter how tough it was built, without doubt, nowadays, the Mercedes-Benz 300D is definitely suffering from many problems since it is now at least twenty-four years old. Among those problems on your 300D, these two deserve your extra attention:
First, for an old model like Mercedes-Benz 300D, engine failure is definitely one of the two most common and serious problems. Since it is often seen as the omen of the vehicle breaking down, so you are advised to solve it before it causes some irreversible consequences. According to some experienced 300D drivers, after a while of driving, the engine will give out some strange noises to attract your attention; gradually, the engine performs worse so that it will run roughly, misfire, stall and even suffer from starting issues including hard starting and inability to start; before the vehicle gives up on you completely, you will also notice a decrease in power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency. Once the Check Engine Light comes on, please inspect the working condition of the 300D spark plug, air filter, oil filter, engine control module, engine mount, valve cover gasket and fuel pump immediately.
Second, for Mercedes-Benz 300D drivers, another terrible problem they have ever met during driving is the transmission failure. This problem is truly horrible as it could bring about drivability problem and make the vehicle impotent, moreover, because most 300D drivers have not enough knowledge about working principles of the automobiles, it often becomes worse. To help them, these recognizable and simple symptoms such as leaking transmission fluids on the ground, low transmission fluids level, the indicator showing inaccurate gear readings, the vehicle starting in another gear or refusing to go into any gear, transmission slippage and surging as well as difficulty in shifting gears. And all these symptoms could be attributed to the 300D transmission assembly, shift cable, automatic transmission filter, automatic transmission shifter, transfer case seal and clutch fork.
Performing routine maintenance on vulnerable auto parts of your Mercedes-Benz 300D is often seen as an effective way to ensure a safe and driving ride. Some parts are just bound to be vulnerable auto parts and that is why the 300D seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, antenna, cabin air filter, fog light and headlight should be maintained routinely to help to create a safe and comfortable driving environment.
If you are in need of parts replacements for your Mercedes-Benz 300D, please choose OEM Mercedes-Benz 300D ones without hesitation since they boast precise fitment and optimum performance and could restore your vehicle to its factory performance to the fullest extent. covers a broad selection of lowest-priced manufacturer-warranted genuine Mercedes-Benz 300D auto parts. All these OEM 300D parts are favored by our hassle-free return policy and fastest delivery service, you can order them now with confidence and bring your 300D back to its prime condition in the shortest time!