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About Mercedes-Benz G550

Belonging to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, which is also known as G-Wagen, Gelandewagen or "cross country vehicle" and was originally developed for military use back in the late 1970s as a heavy-duty four-wheel-drive conveyance, Mercedes-Benz G550 has been built by a German multinational automotive corporation Daimler AG since 2009 as a mid-size luxury Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Originally introduced as the second-generation G-Class (463), G550 was just introduced as an updated version of G-Class to replace the G500. Competing against the BMW X6 M, Land Rover Discovery and Porsche Macan, G550 now is still in its first generation.
Mercedes-Benz G550 made its debut for the 2009 model year and also was known as the G500 outside the Japanese and American markets. It is offered in only one body style, 5-passenger SUV but comes in at least two trim levels: base G550 and G550 4x4. Equipped with many luxury items found in most modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles such as heated leather seats, keyless ignition and entry, adaptive cruise control and a navigation system as well as an extensive catalog of custom-order paints, leather colors and interior trim choices, Mercedes-Benz G550 now is powered with a 4.0 L turbocharged V8 cranking out 416 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque and this engine sends power through a 7-speed automatic transmission, a 2-speed transfer case to four wheels.

Mercedes-Benz G550 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Developed based on the military use models and updated for civilian use with adding more refinement and luxury features, Mercedes-Benz G550 is undeniably a good choice for car enthusiasts who need powerful SUVs. But considering the labor intensity, you had better be prepared for these common problems on your G550:
First, as an SUV like Mercedes-Benz G550, which undertakes the important tasks of loading heavy goods in huge amount crossing over long distance, a well-functioning braking system is a must to achieve this. But according to some experienced G550 drivers, after a while of driving, they feel the braking system perform badly and even there are noisy sounds from the brakes when being depressed. Some also complained that the brakes respond poorly, the brake pedal pulsates intensively, braking fluids leak on the ground, brake rotors are covered by the score marks. Sometimes the rear brakes will be locked up, especially on the wet surfaces and the parking brake could not hold the car properly. And all these symptoms are mainly resulted from the G550 brake pad set, brake disc, brake drum, brake caliper, brake line, brake proportioning valve and parking brake cable.
Second, another issue on Mercedes-Benz G550 complained most by drivers would be the engine problem. No one will deny the engine is the soul and heart of a vehicle, and its condition decides your vehicle's performance and lifespan. In other words, you have every reason to diagnose and solve engine issue as soon as possible based on these recognizable and simple symptoms provided by professional G550 repairmen. Normally, this issue often starts with squealing, whining or rattling noises from the engine; then the engine runs roughly, misfires, stalls and even suffers from starting issues. Finally, you will notice a major decrease in power, acceleration and fuel efficiency. Once the Check Engine Light is activated, please inspect if the G550 spark plug, oxygen sensor, rod bearing, engine mount, engine control module, valve cover gasket, air filter, oil filter and fuel pump are working properly.
If you want to enjoy a perfect ride on your Mercedes-Benz G550, then you need to make sure every part on it are in good condition always. Some parts in your G550 undertake the responsibility of making sure safe and comfortable ride, that is why you need to add the seat belt, windshield wiper, wiper blade, antenna, fog light, headlight and cabin air filter as they also work under harsh conditions.
When you are in need of new parts for your Mercedes-Benz G550, OEM Mercedes-Benz G550 auto parts should be the only option for parts replacements since they boast precise fitment and optimum performance. Price should not be your concern and covers a broad selection of lowest-priced genuine Mercedes-Benz G550 auto parts backed by the manufacturer's warranty. All these OEM G550 parts are also made in high quality, reliability and durability, you can shop them with confidence since they are backed by the hassle-free return policy and fastest delivery service as well. Order now and you can have a best-shaped G550 again in the shortest time!