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About Mercedes Benz SLC43 AMG

The Mercedes Benz SLC43 AMG shows characteristic race car attributes. In the front, the steep radiator front with diamond grill, front splitter in silver chrome and front apron in A-wing design reflects the expressive AMG styling. The silhouette continues the sporty styling with details like air inlets with fins in silver chrome. The AMG characteristic rugged rear with diffuser-look and AMG sports exhaust system with chrome-plated tailpipe trims provides a perfect finish. The interior cabin also captures the SLC43's highly dynamic character to perfection, with a host of carefully crafted details of the highest quality.
The Mercedes Benz SLC43 AMG promises pure driving pleasure. This great performance is accompanied by the exhilarating sound of the AMG sports exhaust, adjustable via the drive programs. The Mercedes Benz SLC43 AMG roadster carries on the iconic SLK's legacy with significantly optimized technology and superbly memorable styling. Uniting the classic character of a roadster with stunning efficiency and slinky power. Compact, powerful and economical, the Mercedes Benz SLC43 AMG unites the classic virtues of a roadster with exemplary efficiency. This vehicle provides typical AMG driving pleasure in a compact open-top two-seater in line with the needs of today's market.

Mercedes Benz SLC43 AMG Common Problems and Maintenance Tips

The Mercedes Benz SLC43 AMG is a great vehicle but in some ways, it does have issues just like every other car. Here are some of the reported issues raised by SLC43 owners.
The roof mechanism motors can be noisy. During tests performed, the roof was put up and down a lot, and the motor noise got irritating. If the motor is humming, the motor probably is not running. If it happens, turn it off immediately to avoid further damage or unsafe conditions. Another sign is the high or unbalanced voltages, and you can check wiring connections, transformer, and voltages. Also, you need to check if there is a loose coupling between the electric motor and the driven appliance.
There are certain 2017 SLC43 models where the electronic stability control (ESC) system software may incorrectly keep the brakes applies. If brake pads are constantly applied over long periods of driving, the brake components may heat up, affecting braking performance and increasing the risk of a crash. Additionally, the dragging brakes may overheat, increasing the risk of a fire. We recommend you consult with your local dealer for a remedy to this reported issue.
The engine and transmission mounts on older Mercedes-Benz cars were made of solid rubber. Their purposes are to keep the engine and transmission stable and prevent vibration being felt in the passenger area. But, the rubber mounts tend to fail after some time and send you a signal through a huge kick every time you apply the gas. To prevent the issues with the mounts, you should diagnose them regularly after 80,000 mileage or 7 years.
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